President : Stephanie van Ruyven

Vice President Internal : Tim Keys

Vice President External : Amir Taher

Treasurer : Leo Tan

Secretary : Linna Huang

Sponsorship Officer : Gihani Senadeera

Social Convenor : Praveen Ramachandani

Academic Convenor : Alexandra Winters

Sports Convenor : Nick Schnitzler

AMSA Representative : Kate Penfold

AMSA Jr. & NSWMSC/AMA(NSW) Representative : Bridie Peters

 Charities & Wellbeing Officer : Alex Rio Duller

Publications & Promotions Officer : Sarah-Jane O'Brien

Members, Alumni, Merchandise and Archives (M.A.M.A) : Amy Allan

Website Officer : Koshy Mathew

Year 3 Representatives : Alice Stuart & Paloma Ghosal

Year 2 Representatives : Hillary Metcalfe & Matea Dominkovic


Affiliated Groups

UNESS President : Will Ridley

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ASPIRE Presidents : Jananee Myooran & Cia Östman

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GPSN Chair: Natasha Hardikar

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NERCHA Co-chairs: Nick Schnitzler & Sam Mackay