Welcome to UNE

Congratulations on your offer to the Joint Medical Program at UNE! 

We know that enrolling and getting your documentation ready can be a confusing process, so UNEMSA has written up a helpful guide on getting started here.  There is also our handy fresher guide to get you introduced to life in Armidale. 

Also don't forget to join our First Year Facebook group for more helpful information.

What's On?

UNEMSA Wellbeing Wednesday (with prizes!)

Hey everyone! UNEMSA will be restarting UNEMSA wellbeing Wednesday starting this Wednesday!

This is a competition designed to boost your spirits when the week just seems to be dragging on. Simply post a picture to Facebook or Instagram any time on a Wednesday of you doing something positive for your mental wellbeing with the #UNEMSAwellbeingwednesday hashtag. This could be going for a run, meeting up with a friend over coffee or even meditating in your room, get creative with it!!

Each week one lucky person will win a free coffee and go in the draw to win a bigger prize at the end of semester.

Ever wanted to experience a truly magical fairy-tale evening?  Well here’s your chance with UNEMSA’s MedBall 2018!!
Get ready for an enchanted night with twinkling fairy lights, flowers, incredible food and dancing!  Put on your dazzling dresses and dapper suits and prepare yourself for an unforgettable night!! 

Follow the event and UNEMSA Facebook group for more details.

Check out our past events here.

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