Inter Year Sports

Offered throughout the year, Inter-year sports are a great way to relax during the semester while also getting a break from study. In 2016, participation only continued to increase at inter-year sports as the year progressed and attendees enjoy the light-hearted rivalry between the year groups. This strengthens both intra- and inter-year associations.

In 2016, the competition started with some friendly games of netball, with Medic8 (2nd years in 2016) dominating the competition, followed by Med Club 7 (3rd years in 2016) and leaving NEIN (1st years 2016) flattened in the dust. Later on in the year, the cohorts battled it out in Volleyball, and soccer, and topped the competition off with a friendly but fierce night of dodgeball, followed by an inter-year party where all overly competitive attitudes could be put to rest. At the end of the competition, Medic8 proved to be victorious yet again, winning a prized trophy which now sits in a prime location in the medicine common room for all to see.

We have some new and interesting things planned for 2017, so stay tuned for more information about our upcoming competitions and details on how to register.

To view all photos from the 2016 Inter-Year volleyball competition, click here.