What is it?

ParkRun is a 5km Fun Run that runs every Saturday morning at 8am down at SportUNE. You have a personalised online profile that lets you compare how you did against the rest of the field tacos and keep a track of all your previous runs! This year UNEMSA has entered a ParkRun Club – so we’d love you to register with the UNEMSA club if you’re thinking of running (instructions below.)

We know it’s (very) early BUT it’s a great way to start the weekend, get into a great fitness routine for the year and a perfect excuse to hang out with your mates. If you are thinking of running and you have a UNEMSA sports shirt, we’d love you to wear it. The best part is, it’s completely FREE!

Need incentive to come run?

After each semester in 2016, we’ll be giving away 5 UNEMSA Sports shirts (worth $40 each) to the 5 UNEMSA members who have run the most ParkRuns!  If you already have a Sports shirt, we’ll refund the cost of the shirt to you. To be eligible to win the shirt, you MUST have UNEMSA as your registered club in your ParkRun profile (see below for instructions on how to do that)

Want more information?

Visit the ParkRun Armidale website  (http://www.parkrun.com.au/armidale/)

Email Nick Schnitzler (On "The Committee" page)

Click here to access information on registering your account with ParkRun and UNEMSA.