Start of the Year Update - 1st Years!

Hey guys,
We bombarded you a bit at lifesaver day, but it was really cool to meet some of you! Here are the four things to get you started at UNE:

  • First Incision & UNEMSA Membership ($55), 6 March: buy online to save dosh at the door! This is our cocktail party thrown to welcome you guys to Armidale. Probably the second classiest event of the year, it’s definitely not one to miss! Membership will give you access to all of the PASS sessions and OSCE days throughout your degree, as well as countless free pizza and social events. Click here
  • O’Camp ($105), 13-15 March: Ocamp is one of my fondest memories of first year. 60 of your new friends all on a bus to the beach to enjoy the last warm rays of sunshine you’ll be seeing for a while. And you get to hand out with UoN kids, which I guess is alright. Click here
  • Hoodies ($45): we have awesome UNE Med hoodies for sale! We are doing an order in March, so get in quickly if you would like your hoodie in time for Winter Click here
  • Mentoring: this one’s free! We need your details so that we can organise you into small groups for mentoring sessions in the first few weeks. This will help you to settle into university life, meet some second and third year students and learn how to do med! Click here