12/07/13-31/08/13 - Vampire Cup


Event: AMSA National Blood Drive - Vampire Cup
Date: Friday 12th July - Saturday 31st August 2013
Time: All Day
Where: Australian Red Cross - Blood Service


Move aside Robert Pattinson. No really…please go away. Because from 12 July – 31 August AMSA is running its annual Vampire Cup in partnership with the Australian Red Cross. Which Medsoc can rule supreme and get the highest percentage of its members to donate blood, platelets or plasma?

How to participate? Donate blood, platelets or plasma at any Red Cross donation centre or mobile van during the 2-month window. If you’ve registered with your Medsoc in previous years, you are automatically counted. If not, then hold onto your Donor ID number and register your points online at http://www.donateblood.com.au/who-can-give/club-red/join-group

The winning university will get the prestigious Vampire Cup. Which may be a cup full of vampires. Or a cup that transforms you into a vampire. As yet unclear. 

Vampire Cup Results


Why donate blood?

For many people blood donors are their lifeline.

Currently 1 in 3 Australians need blood, yet only 1 in 30 donates.

Modern processing techniques mean that a single blood donation, when separated into its components, 
can help 3 different patients.

Meet Ivy

Ivy has an immune deficiency disorder and relies on blood donors. 

Ivy's disorder means her body can't fight common infections.

Thanks to generous blood donors, Ivy receives immunoglobin every three weeks to keep healthy and enjoy life.

By becoming a blood donor, you could save people like Ivy.

So, please roll up your sleeves and give blood.

Who can donate?

Most people are able to give blood if they:

  • are fit, healthy and not suffering from a cold, flu or other illness at the time of donation or in the previous 7 days
  • are aged between 16-70 years (in QLD and WA 16-17 year olds require parental consent)
  • weigh more than 45kg
  • drink up in the 24 hours before donation, especially in warm weather and have at least 3 good-sized glasses of water/juice in the 3 hours before donating.
  • eat something in the 3 hours before donating
  • bring at least one form of photo identification ID.