02/05/13 - Futures in Medicine

Event: Futures in Medicine
Date: Thursday 2nd May 2013
Time: 6PM 
Where: P1 Lecture Theatre, Patricia O'Shane Building, School of Rural Medicine, University of New England


Futures in Medicine Night gave UNEMSA a chance to hear from some amazing doctors and be inspired and encouraged. We heard from Dr. Dianne Little, a Forensic Pathologist in the Gold Coast who showed us the non-Hollywood version of the job, and deals with body identification in crimes, as well as in mass disasters. Next we heard about the adventures of Dr. Alan McCaffery, who spent time working in the Middle East and in Central Australia as a GP, and taught us about some cultural issues. Lastly, we heard from Dr. Nick Martin, who worked for the defence force for a number of years, and introduced us to a more dangerous side of medicine. It was a successful night and we all gained some valuable insight into our potential futures. 

Persis Samuel,
Academic Convenor

Guest Lecturers:
Dr. Nick Martin - General Practitioner (former Royal Navy Medical Officer) @ the Faulkner Street Medical Practice

Graduated from St George’s Hospital Medical School London in 1998. He spent the next sixteen years as a Royal Navy Medical Officer, service in a variety of locations around the world including; time in submarines, Afghanistan, the Balkans, Baltic and the Persian Gulf. He qualified as a GP in 2006. In late 2011, he moved to Armidale with his Australian wife and their five children. He is currently working towards his FRACGP. His special interests include men’s heath, sports and exercise medicine and mental health.


Dr. Alan McCaffery - General Practitioner (former Emergency Medicine Medical Officer) @ the University of New England Medical Centre

Alan McCaffery’s background is in general practice however in recent years has worked in emergency medicine in rural hospitals.  He is appointed as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Rural Medicine and is currently involved with teaching 4th and 5th year medical students a number of areas including critical care/emergency medicine.  He also works as a General Practitioner at the University Medical Centre, UNE.


Dr. Dianne Little - Forensic Pathologist @ Gold Coast Hospital

Dianne Little's job as a forensic pathologist has taken her around the world from identifying bodies from mass burials in Kosovo to identifying victims of the 2004 Tsunamis.