6-10/05/13 - AGH LBL Cup

Event: AMSA Global Health Live Below the Line Cup
Date: Monday 6th-Friday 10th May 2013
Time: All Day
Where: Everywhere

What type of LBLer are you? Are you the Masterchef, the Lone Soldier, the Recruiter, the Team Playa, the Instagrammer, the Bargain Hunter, or the Noodle Nut?

From 6 - 10 May, eat on $2 a day for 5 days, raise funds, and make a real difference for people living in extreme poverty.


We all know The University of New England is the top medical school in Australia!! However we have little opportunity to prove this.
NOW is our chance!!!

Live Below the Line is an Oaktree initiative where you live on $2 a day for 5 days - the equivalent of living on the poverty line.

It's a simple thing to do that helps you:

* Understand extreme poverty for yourself
* raise awareness about poverty
* raise money for young children s education

It's a win win win situation!!

But to make it even better AMSA Global Health have created the AMSA Global Health Live Below the Line Cup (aka "AGH LBL CUP" cause we all love an acronym). 

This is where we will compete with every Med School in Australia for who can rally the most support (this will be done on a percentage basis to make sure smaller Uni's like ours aren't disadvantaged).

To sign up (and prove once and for all UNE's superiority) go to https://www.livebelowtheline.com.au/

***and when they ask you for NETWORK type in University of New England AGH*** this is important otherwise it will not count towards the cup.