22-28/04/13 - MED WEEK

Event: Med Week
Date: Monday 22nd-Sunday 28th April 2013
Time: Varied
Gero/Thrift Shop - The Armidale Club
Graffiti Pub Crawl - Wicklow/Royal Hotel Armidale/The Whitebull Hotel/The New England Hotel
Anything But Clothes - Earle Page College, University of New England
Anzac Day Races - Armidale Jockey Club
ASPIRE Movie Night - P1 Lecture Theatre, Patricia O'Shane Building, School of Rural Medicine, University of New England
Jungle Party - The Stro, University of New England
Sports Day - Wright Village, University of New England
Med Week 2013!
Med Week was a great success with much of the cohort coming together and getting to know each other.
What happened?
Gero/Thrift Shop - Year 2 and 3 students came together dressed in their thrift shop best for a night of casual beverages.
Graffiti Pub Crawl - UNEMSA members journeyed to several of Armidale's finest pubs.
Anything But Clothes - UNEMSA members showed their creativity by creating their own costumes from scratch. There was only one rule: anything BUT clothes.
Anzac Day Races - UNEMSA members showed their community spirit by dressing up and heading to the races. The day was fun filled with a few bets placed on the races, some two up and of course the occasional beverage to bring it all together.
ASPIRE Movie Night - What better way to spend the night than a nice quite night in with friends? ASPIRE held a movie night showing 21 Jump Street and raised money through the sales of snacks.
Jungle Party - UNEMSA members showed their wild side. Members dressed up and painted on costumes with a jungle theme.
Sports Day - Sports Day gave everybody a chance to recover from the weeks worth of activities with a casual BBQ, music and some lawn sport.


Photos available here.