Practice OSCE Day! - 19/10/13

When: Saturday October 19th 2013

Time: 9:30 am - start for first years & volunteers
          12:30 pm - free BBQ provided by GPSN
          1:15 pm - second year osce practices start

Where: PBL Rooms

Do you want to ace your OSCE exam this year?

Do you want a free lunch?

Well, then you should attend the UNEMSA & GPSN Practice OSCE Day! 

Please email to RSVP and confirm your place, and volunteer to help out, even if you click attending on facebook!

We need people to help out doing this or the event just cannot run! This event is fantastic exam preparation, so if you expect to participate please come and help out. 

We need: 
- 17 first year students to have neuro exams done on them, for this exam you'll need to wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt
- 8 second year practice patients to do abdo exams. For this exam you have to take of your shirt (underwear is fine if not encouraged)
- 8 second year practice patients to do musculoskeletal exams. For this exam, shorts that can go above the knee would be great.
- 16 second yearassessors to give feedback, ask questions and give handy hints to the first years. 

Make sure to BYO stethoscope!