2013 UNEMSA, GPSN & ASPIRE Committees

UNEMSA Committee - University of New England Medical Students Association Committee
President - Sally Ryan
Vice President - Jacob Hampton
Treasurer - Alex Kim
Secretary - Jessica(Jess) Anne Tay
Social Convenor - Georgina Facchetti
Academic Convenor - Persis Samuel
Sports and Wellbeing Officer & AGH Representative - Stephanie(Steph) Gorham
AMSA Representative - Kylie Zhong
AMSA Jr. Representative - Monique Davis
NSWMSC/AMA(NSW) Representative - Georgie Burrough
Med Revue Convenor - Upuli Pahalawatta
Community and Charities Officer - Maddie Gramlick
Publications and Promotions Officer - Hester Stokes
MAMA Officer - Henry Law
Website Officer - Damion Dinh
Year 3 Representatives - Hester Stokes & Thomas(Tom) Hambly
Year 2 Representatives - James(Bluey) Baee & Savannah Morrison
Year 1 Representatives - Adelaide Pratt & Phil St Flour

GPSN UNE - General Practice Students Network University of New England
Ambassador - Mark Papageorge
Executive Officer - Kylie Zhong 
Secretary - Gwen Palmer
Publications and Promotions - Kristy Palmer
Year 3 Reps for 2013 - Anirudh Krishnamohan and May-Kathleen Kowalski
Year 2 Reps for 2013 - Prashanthi Mathew and Emma Gordon

ASPIRE - Armidale Students Promoting International Rights and Equality
President - Bec Williams
Vice President: Gwen Palmer
Secretary: Amy Ferguson
Treasurer: Jake Funnell
Promotions: Kylie Zhong
Sponsorship: Jonathon Stacey
AMSA Global Health Rep: Stephanie Gorham