Keeping Your Grass Greener

Here's a new wellbeing guide for medical students released by AMSA.

AMSA is proud to launch "Keeping Your Grass Greener" - the wellbeing guide for medical students!

Keeping Your Grass Greener was developed by AMSA in conjunction with the New Zealand Medical Students' Association (NZMSA) to assist medical students (ie. YOU) to maintain their health and wellbeing throughout their time at medical school.

The guide aims to get students thinking and talking about their own health and wellbeing and brings together advice from a wide range of experts in the field, on topics including stress management, mental resilience and financial planning. It aims to actively break down stigma associated with poor wellbeing, as well as provide practical resources to help YOU in times of stress.

Whether you're a 1st year straight out of O-Camp, or a final-year chomping at the intern bit, we hope that you will take something from this guide that helps you to navigate your way, body and mind intact, through the rest of your studies and career.

Go here to get your copy.