O Camp

Dear First Year!

Welcome to Medicine at UNE! Congratulations on getting through!

I'm Eliza Wziontek, the President of the UNE Medical Students' Association (UNEMSA), and all the current med students at UNE are excited to have you with us.

The first thing we have planned for you is your O-Camp being held in Port Macquarie over March 4-6th.

It is a great weekend of hanging out with each other, getting to know some Newcastle students and asking all the older students about the course and how to get through. We'll also be running some group activities, going to the beach and generally having fun.

To register, you need to do this at the Newcastle MedSoc site it costs $95 which includes all food, accommodation and transport.

It would be great to get the whole year there!

If you have any questions let Lyndal, our vice-president (vice.president@unemsa.org) or Lewis from Newcastle (ocamp@unms.org.au) or I know!

Also, if you have any other questions about Armidale, what you'll need or anything to do with studying Medicine, do not hesitate to contact us.

We're really looking forward to meeting you all.

Enjoy O-Week!

-- Eliza Wziontek President University of New England Medical Students' Association