AMSA Think Tank

THIS THURSDAY- AMSA THINKTANK- 5-6pm. Anyone can come along to eat dinner, discuss, debate, argue, wrestle and add your two cents to what is going on around you. Common Room. Thursday 5-6pm. Dinner provided. RSVP for food numbers.

Topics for debate: a) Responsible Party Policy Now you've all enjoyed the frivalties of Medweek.. come and debate how we should hold our social events. Should we serve alcohol? How should it be served? with non-alcoholic drinks and food? non-alcoholic tickets? Do we need non-drinking welfare officers? We will all be affected by this- so we all should be decide what happens.

b) Climate change and health- in our curriculum? Is is something we care about? Do we want to learn how it will affect global health? Should we be doing anything about it? Again- don't just be a sideliner- turn up and let me know where you stand.