National Rural Leadership Development Seminar

MSA and NRHSN are running a conference during our Easter holiday break ... the inaugural National Rural Leadership Development Seminar.

This Seminar will be held in Wollongong over 8-10 April, and will see over 100 handpicked medical, allied health and nursing students from across the country comehe NRLDS is designed to be an interactive "hands-on” experience for delegates where they will be able to gain additional skills to further them as professionals.

We have two spots reserved for Armidale students to attend this event which will include keynote speakers, workshops and open floor sessions that will allow delegates to discuss particular issues current within rural, remote and Indigenous health in Australia. This event will also see the first student-run rural health roundtable, where delegates as well as invited professionals in the field of rural health can come together to address rural health workforce issues.

Registration will cost students $200. This is inclusive of all travel including flights, accommodation, food and academic sessions, and UNEMSA will help by subsidising some of this cost.

For further information about this event, please visit and follow the links through the Events menu-

To apply there are a few questions about why you should go etc.



When: 8-10th April

Cost: $200 (UNEMSA might reimburse some costs) which includes flights, food, accommodation etc.

Apply: go to Events, then NRLDS- answer questions.

For more info, click here.

ALL DONE FOR NOW- you'll be hearing more about GHC and convention next week (get excited)

Any questions let me know.

Eliza Wziontek

AMSA/NSWMSC Representative

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