Med Revue

UNEMSA's Med Revue is a collection of skits, musical numbers and videos that is put together as a play towards the end of every year for the whole of the UNE faculty and student body to enjoy. It reflects on the achievements of the year and reiterates the humorous parts. The play is written and rehearsed over the course of several months by dedicated students, and is then performed to raise money for a nominated charity.

Med Revue 2016 was completely sold out, and raised over $2000 for the Royal Flying Doctor service. Med Revue is one of most popular events within the UNEMSA calendar, with the largest amount of attendees out of all other events with many travelling from other cities to attend. Old faces and new faces alike are all welcome. Both those involved and those who attend, describe Med Revue as an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. It showcases the wide variety of talent here at UNE and provides a platform for students to get involved within the UNEMSA community. Med Revue is an essential part of the UNE medical school and continues to be a highly respected event.

Stay tuned for more information about Med Revue 2017!