Please use this form to provide any feedback you have about the course or about UNEMSA's activities


If the issue is related to the course, it will be brought up at our next meeting with the JMP or the School of Rural Medicine (usually monthly). However, in order to represent all students, unfortunately not all issues will able to be brought to the Faculty's attention.

If the issue is related to UNEMSA's activities, it will be sent to the exec committee and possibly be discussed with the general committee. If you have a concern you’d like specifically to be raised at a committee meeting, you’re welcome to come along and bring it up at our next meeting

If you have feedback regarding a specific committee member, please leave your name so we can get in contact to discuss your concerns. Otherwise, please feel free to email president@unemsa.org with your feedback or vpi@unemsa.org if your concern is regarding the president.

You may leave the "Name" section out if you wish to be left anonymous.

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